Research Interests

Differential Geometry and Geometric Analysis. In particular, Lie group actions on manifolds and the Ricci flow on cohomogeneity one manifolds.

Publications and Preprints

  1. Prescribing Ricci curvature on a Product of Spheres [with T. Buttsworth]
    Ann. Mat. Pura Appl., to appear. arXiv:2010.05118
  2. Diagonalizing the Ricci tensor
    J. Geom. Anal., to appeararXiv:1912.12686
  3. Four-dimensional cohomogeneity one Ricci flow and nonnegative sectional curvature [with R. G. Bettiol]
    Comm. Anal. Geom., 27 (2019), no. 3, 511–527. arXiv:1606.00778
  4. Making Matrices Better : Geometry and topology of polar and singular value decomposition [with D. DeTurck, A. Elsaify, H. Gluck, B. Grossmann, J. Hoisington, J. Zhang]
    Notices Amer. Math. Soc., 64 (2017), no. 8, 876–886. arXiv:1702.02131 Published version